Three times awarded Cuddly Bandages now with GLOW!

The Cuddly Bandages by Tröstisar have now received three awards!

The year 2014 began with the Family Choice Award, closely followed by The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and now just a week ago, The Mom’s Choice Award 2014!
Media like to write about them, parents like to give them and children love to wear them!
Join us today in the world of Tröstisar. A great gift of TLC, for little and big!
What’s inside the box?
Each package includes 6 Cuddly Bandages. A wearable cuddly friend that by touching helps the child to cope with a stressful situation, to calm down when angry or to soothe when sad, a bandage for those wounds we cannot see. Also included are 6 adhesive bandages to keep dirt and moisture away from an open wound. The two can be used together or separate, depending on mood and need.
NEW Glow-in-the dark Cuddly Bandages
The fear of darkness and sleeping alone can be a big problem in the life of the little people. Most parents can confess to the struggle of bedtime procedures. Cuddly Bandages is now available with a Glow-in-the-dark heart to help ease the fear. The cute colorful characters of Tröstisar can make for a good bedtime story to softly fly into the land of dreams. Added feature and the same price, $4.95 at and

In the world of Trostisar there is no fear. Trostisar are small characters who comfort and spread love. They don?t judge or compare and are very curious of what children are afraid of! Trostisar?s first product- Cuddly Bandages ? is the only bandage of its kind and is now available as both original and the new Glow-in-the-dark version.

The Cuddly Bandages is the first of three innovational products from the Swedish company Tröstisar AB. Bed Blocks elevates the head side of the crib when the child is ill and The Bumpsicle is both a coldpack, a cuddly friend and an icecream.
For more information contact Ann-Sofie Cardenas, [email protected]


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