Responsib?all Day 2013. 18 800 Pernod Ricard employees around the world mobilised to reduce harmful use of alcohol.

Press release – Paris, 04th June 2013
June 5, 2013, the 3rd edition of the Pernod Ricard Responsib?all Day will take place. During this
day, 18800 employees stop their activities and rally around a common action: promoting responsible drinking. This day is the opportunity to highlight yearlong Pernod Ricard initiatives and share the 5 key commitments undertaken by the industry.
The announcement was made last October in Washington at the International Conference
ICAP: Global Actions, during which Pierre Pringuet announced on behalf of 13 leading beer, wine and spirits companies their aim to reduce excessive or inappropriate consumption through ambitious initiatives to be developed during the next 5 years.
Those commitments are
1. Reducing under-age drinking
2. Strengthening and expanding marketing codes of practice
3. Providing consumer information and developing responsible product innovation
4. Reducing drinking and driving
5. Enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking
?I ? and my fellow CEOs ? believe that this program of actions is concrete, deliverable and, most importantly, capable of being measured and evaluated,? said Pierre Pringuet.
This is in line with Pernod Ricard?s historic commitment to Promoting Responsible Consumption of alcoholic beverages. Already back in 1971, Jean Hémard, Chairman of Pernod founded the IREB, Scientific Research Institute on Alcohol, in 1990 Pernod Ricard was a founding member of the EFRD (European Forum for Responsible Drinking). Pernod Ricard joined ICAP (International Center for Alcohol Policies) in 2005.
Listed below are a few examples, per type of commitment mentioned above, of local initiatives undertaken by Pernod Ricard affiliates with local partners
1. In Spain: Program developed through FAS (Federacion Alcohol y Sociedad) targeting students in Secondary School (12 to 17years old) is carried out by trained monitors and workshops organized for parents. 1 800 000 students were trained, and 70% declare they shall not drink or will at least drink less.
2. In Taiwan: Eleven international alcohol companies (Members of TBAF -Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum) signed up to the self-regulatory code on marketing activities. The biggest domestic producer TTLC (Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Company) also signed up despite not being a TBAF member.
3. In Europe: Wine in Moderation Program in collaboration with CEEV (Committee Vin) – logo with website address displayed on bottles, where consumers can find more information on Responsible Consumption. Campaign launched in parallel.
4. In India: A first of a kind campaign implemented with truck drivers, providing eye and health
checkups and education on dangers of driving under the influence. Program was completed in collaboration with unions and local government. Family photographs were placed in trucks reminding drivers about driving safely back to their families. Close to 1800 checkups provided.
5. In Slovakia: Bartenders were involved in an interactive and fun way about the challenging issue of
serving alcohol to minors: a campaign called ?Not 18? Not a chance!?, consisting of trainings (managed by sales representatives) and online tools (forum, Facebook, game to sharpen their skills in distinguishing minors from over 18-year old). Close to 3000 bartenders trained.

A report of Pernod Ricard initiatives on responsible consumption, “Wise Drinking, An overview of Pernod Ricard?s drinking policy? is available on the Pernod Ricard website or upon request.
About ICAP
The International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP; is a not-for-profit organization supported by major international producers of beverage alcohol. Established in 1995, ICAP?s mission is to promote understanding of the role of alcohol in society and to help reduce harmful drinking worldwide. ICAP?s efforts to foster dialogue and partnerships in the alcohol policy field are shaped by its commitment to pragmatic and feasible solutions to reducing harm that can be tailored to local and cultural considerations and needs. ICAP has been recognized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) as a non-governmental organization in Special Consultative Status.

Pernod Ricard Norway er en av Norges ledende vin- og brennevinsimport?rer og er datterselskap av franske Pernod Ricard, en av verdens st?rste akt?rer p? vin og brennevin. Pernod Ricard har en sterk portef?je av kjente internasjonale premium merkevarer og opererer i over 70 land i verden.
Pernod Ricard Norway har kjente merkenavn som blant annet ABSOLUT, Havana Club, Jameson, Jacob?s Creek, Ballantine?s, Chivas Regal, Beefeater og Martell i sin portef?lje.
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