NEW APP: Hero Quitter – quit smoking today, be your own hero

Hero Quitter is a new support app for those who intend to quit smoking. Hero Quitter is all about keeping the user motivated to stay smoke free. The user will get positive support and tools to take control of their urge to smoke.
After the success with the Swedish app Snusfri (‘Become free of moist powder tobacco) and the positive feedback from the users. Action Interaction decided to the worlds smokers should not be left out.
A concept was developed from the best of Snusfri. It came to be known as ‘Hero Quitter’. An app different from the competitors where Hero Quitter focuses on strengthening the users motivation with mindfulness exercises and positive feedback.
Hero Quitter signs you up for Hero School. Once in, you advance in the different levels by staying smoke free. How many levels can you achieve?
Hero Quitter gives you three audio mindfulness exercises to help you take control over your urge to smoke!
Hero Quitter helps you focus on your progress in smoke free time, money saved and prompts you to update in your motivational-log.
Hero Quitter allow you to set your own goals in time or money
Hero Quitter helps you share your progress with friends!

(This press release is attached with a Swedish version of the release)
Action Interaction is an technical design studio in Sweden. Creating popular apps, web-solutions and works as a consultant for UX.