Macken Bryggeri releases its very first brews this summer

Running out of fuel? Feel?er up!
(Älvsjö, Stockholm län) ? The very first beer album ever brewed in Sweden, and probably in the globe entitled ?Gasölines 1? will exclusively be released by Macken Bryggeri in late June / early July, 2014.
This collection treasure features exclusive homage brews to Twin Peaks TV series and film by David Lynch & Mark Frost as well as to Wendy O. Williams, the lead singer for the American punk band the Plasmatics; Hanns Heinz Ewers, German poet and writer and Carl von Linné, the most influential and relevant Swedish botanist in the history.
Yeah, this entire combo together! A must to all craft beer die-hards out there and beyond!
The owls are near.
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CEO, Founder & Brewmaster: Andrés Furukawa
Phone: +46(0) 763 295 321
E-mail: [email protected]
Macken Bryggeri is a 4 years in the making project based in Stockholm, Sweden presenting an array of top-quality ale and lager delicacies brewed by Brewmaster and PhD in Brewing Andrés Furukawa.
Our brands have a strong character and distinct individuality due to the varied kinds of personal background stories, intriguing cultural themes and imagination married with the uncompromising commitment to beer quality.

The common denominator of our beers is our total dedication to every single input in terms of flavours and visuals complementing each other with the hope of proposing a genuine holistic experience to those souls out there, who appreciate craft brewing and art with expressive authenticity.
This is our take on brewing to those hearts out of fuel. Let us fuel your imagination!


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