Former VP of Cargill and Truvia? joins the Board of Directors

The Real Stevia Company announces the strategic recruitment of Zanna McFerson to its Board of Directors. Formerly with Cargill and director for its Truvia? sweetener business, The Real Stevia Company makes a vital move to further enhance its position as the sustainable stevia brand.
This comes at a time when the stevia market in Europe is in a growth phase after many years of early market penetration as the food and beverage industry gain knowledge and seek credibility from producers.
?This is a major milestone for us says Carl Horn Founder and Chairman of The Real Stevia Company in Stockholm. Zanna was a leader in the sweetener industry and I´ve worked with her as an industry colleague for many years. I am thrilled to have recruited her to help forward the objectives of The Real Stevia Company in expanding the use of stevia in the food and beverage industry in a sustainable manner?.
Finnish born Zanna McFerson, 48, worked in many roles at Cargill over a period spanning 20 years. In her final position at the company as a Business Director, she was responsible for the successful introduction of the natural sweetener Truvia? in US and Europe. Mrs McFerson directed a global team with resources across research and development, agronomy, supply chain, scientific and regulatory affairs, sales and marketing. She is now Chief Business Officer at Amyris, a leading American biotechnology company. Amyris is active in the development and commercialisation of innovative renewable products from its synthetic biology platform covering diverse business segments including fuels, cosmetics, flavors, fragrances and performance materials.
?I look forward to once again being a part of the stevia industry which I had the great privilege to help build? says Zanna McFerson. ? I have always admired The Real Stevia Company for their relentless commitment to a sustainable business mindset and care of all the stakeholders along the value chain.?
The Real Stevia Company grows, produces and supplies sustainably sourced, high quality stevia leaves and extracts from Paraguay & China to the food & beverage industry in Europe and abroad.
Granular AB (publ) / The Real Stevia Company, är ett svenskt företag, med verksamhet i Paraguay & Kina, som producerar, utvecklar och säljer steviaextrakt till den globala livsmedelsindustrin.
Bolagets tydliga h?llbarhetsarbete innebär samarbete med sm?jordbrukare i Paraguay där steviaplantan odlas och har p? s? sätt kontroll över hela leveranskedjan. Företaget strävar efter att tillhandah?lla en b?de socialt och miljömässigt h?llbar produkt som kan bidra till att höja odlarnas levnadsstandard och samtidigt uppfylla kvalitets- och säkerhetskraven fr?n den Europeiska livsmedelsindustrin.
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