Cadbury Cr?me Egg ? the thick chocolate egg with goo in the middle

Every Easter the UK population goes crazy for Cadbury Cr?me Eggs. Produced each year for a limited period between New Year?s Day and Easter Day, their seasonal availability creates a huge demand for these delicious little eggs – white and yellow goo, encased in a thick Cadbury chocolate shell. At The English Shop we have thousands of Cr?me Eggs, sold singly and in a six pack, in time for Easter.
Over the years debate has raged as how to eat your Cr?me Egg? some people bite the top off and scoop out the filling, before demolishing the chocolate shell; others just cram the whole thing in their mouth and eat it in one go; and a few people like to treat it like a boiled egg and sit it in an egg cup and dip in Cadbury Chocolate Fingers.
Mariette East, VD of The English Shop, tells us a bit more ?Our customers ask for Cr?me Eggs all year round, so it?s great when we get our Easter deliveries and can finally satisfy their cravings! This year we?ve ordered over 10,000 individual Cr?me Eggs, and hope this will be enough to keep our customers happy for a while. In total Cadbury sell over 200 million Cr?me Eggs worldwide, and they are the UK?s best-selling chocolate for the period between Christmas and Easter.?

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